Thielen for T.Y. and P. Lindsay?

Went with a zero RB draft in a 10 team full PPR league. Currently have Cohen and Kerryon starting. WR are stacked with Devante Adams, AB, and Thielen.

I personally think Thielen may have a better season that T.Y, but is it worth it to pick up Lindsay since my RB core is pretty weak. Maybe wait and see what happens with AB just in case? Thanks Footclan!

I would absolutely SMASH that accept button to get T Hilton and P Lindsay for A Theilen.

I dont think it’s a Smash the button offer. You could really bee sitting in a hole if Freeman takes even %50 of that backfield from Lindsay and right now Hilton has his own Concerns with luck dealing with these injuries. You know exactly what your getting from Thielen and your RBS you mention in a PPR league isnt horrible

Smash it.

Lindsay may be in a committee, but he’s the lead in the committee and Royce Freeman is bad at football right now.

Hilton is a much better receiver than Theilen, with a better QB. I trust a 75% Andrew Luck on a colts offence over Cousins on a team that wants to give the ball to Dalvin every chance they get

Add a startable RB and upgrade a WR to one with higher upside? The trade should’ve been accepted three hours ago.

Thielen last year was able to put up over 1300 yards 113 receptions and 9 TDs with Cousins at QB and if you had to choose who is more likely to decline this year most money would be on Hilton over Thielen. Luck while great is and has been a constant injury concern and you have to take that into consideration. If you had to choice between Thielen or TY Hilton its Thielen every single time.

As for Freeman hes been making heads turn at training Camp and at practice the arrow is trending in his direction as of late while lindsay been who he is its gonna turn into a ugly RBBC certainly once Theo Riddick is back in the mix I wouldn’t want anything to do with that mess.

We have definitely given @realtor_ryan pretty good debates for both side. My the odds be ever in your Favor