Thielen/Golladay trade?

PPR 1 QB/1RB/3WR/1TE/1RB/WR/TE flex
Current team
Chubb/Brieda/M Davis
I also have the 1.04 in this years draft

Trade offer
Give Golladay, Allison, 2.04
Get Thielen, 1.08, 2.08


I would take that trade and be very happy with it. PPR and Thielen had 113 rec to Golladay’s 70 last season. Allison has value as the WR2 at GB but has already had injury issues in his young career and with the additional 1st round pick you could get Harry or Metcalf who have higher ceilings than Allison.

Well, I declined the trade. I thought the trade was a good offer but a couple of things were bugging me. First even with Thielen and Golladay ADP similar, Golladay is rising while Thielen has leveled out if not starting to decline. Second, I like Allisons opportunity situation in GB, but you are correct with the injurys. This could also be a problem for me with Thielen if I trade both Golladay and Allison, my depth is gone. As far as the draft pick, Harry will be gone with the first pick and I think someone is targeting DK with the 1.05. So although I think the trade was a good offer, I decided to hold for now.