Thielen, Hilton, or Gore

Hello all.

I am curious as to who I should start at my flex this week… Thielen, Hilton, or Gore?

Thanks yinz and…


I’d, in most scenarios, say Thielen, especially if it’s PPR. Hilton is either going to win or lose you your week by either getting huge TDs or completely disappearing, and Gore is just in the middle of the RB pack with very little upside.


Agree with above. Diggs isnt 100% and will make for a nice uptick for Thielan and even without that variable, he has had a min of 5 catches a game the entire season. No other receiver in the NFL has done that this season. Same reasons why not the other two as above too

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@California.Trex Thielen or Mixon? Asking for a friend lol

Thanks for the feedback. I had leaned towards Thielen for similar reasons. More of a safe play… I am starting to think that Hilton is a touchdown or bust until Luck comes back.

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I’d lean towards Mixon off the bye week. Especially because the run defense for the Burgh isn’t as strong as their pass defense. Thielen gets the catches but I believe he is without a TD this year.