Thielen or Adams?

With news of Adams moving closer to getting back into play. Would you send Thielen for Adams straight up today? I have Hopkins, Tate and Curtis Samuel. Or is that too risky?

Too risky IMO.

When it comes to injured players I like to be more cautious and wait to make sure there aren’t any setbacks during the game. Worst case scenario if you do not do the trade is Adams goes off and you are stuck with Thielen which still isn’t a bad thing.

Worst case scenario if you do choose to do the trade is Adams re injures himself and is out another 4 weeks or so.

I’d much rather just wait out Thielen knowing he will be back this week.

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Makes sense, just wanted to gauge people’s thoughts as they are both WR1’s and now that Cousins is throwing a bit more will keep Thielen as his number 1.

Exactly. Vikings offense is clicking right now and Thielen is benefiting from it. I think ROS both he and Adams (assuming Adams comes back) put up comparable numbers so might as well hold onto Thielen and avoid the risk of Adams.

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