Thielen or Shepard

I️ have Julio Jones and Mike Evans starting. Should I️ flex thielen or Shepard?

That’s a tough one. I like Shepard’s match up better, but until Diggs shows he is at full health and the clear number 1 wr in MN again, I think I would stick with Thielen.

They both have good matchups, and both get volume you cant go wrong here either way, but I think Shepard has the better day. Vikings have a few more weapons than the Giants.

After listening to today’s podcast Shepard is one of the start of the weeks so I’m leaning towards Shepard. I’ve had thielen on the bench the past couple of weeks and it hurts to see him have these monster games on the bench.

Wow… your flex receiver choice is way better than most other owner’s WR2 and even WR1 choices. Both will get you into the teens and may even outscore Julio and Evans… lucky to have that decision.

Thanks but the down side is always having to decide between the top tier WR who haven’t done that well and your 2nd tier WR who have had monster games.

ie. Sitting Keenan Allen and playing Sterling Shepard? :smiley: