Thielen Replacement

.5 ppr - Thielen is out tomorrow night…my options are Olabisi, Dorsett, Mike Williams, Mecole, Josh Gordon?

I’d lean Mike Williams, might get extra looks with Keenan covered by Harris. All risky, upside play would be Mecole or Williams and hope for a TD.

Any thoughts on my line up predicament:

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I have Hunter, Badgley and Chargers Def. Would Mike Williams be an overload?

I’d probably play Allen and Hopkins - play your studs but In your situation, if you’re looking elsewhere I’d probably lean Darrel

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Ah yes maybe, possibly lean Mecole for sheer upside then. Watkins has been sick too so might cede some snaps.

Would love to trust them, brutal matchups have me spooked. As it stands I need 19 combined full PPR points from Hopkins and Allen. Should be automatic but this year the busts have come thick and fast!

Ugh I feel your pain. Hopkins>Allen so if you’re looking to bench one I’d say Allen

Good luck!!!

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Thank you. Getting worse, I have the Eagles DST this week :nauseated_face: plus played Tannehill and Godwin over Ryan and Cooper to boot which has basically cost me the easy win. Would have needed half the points fml

Good luck to you too!

Ouch!!! Freaking Fantasy Football!!!

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Haha you have to laugh, left Allen and Hop in - of course Williams catches an early TD. Need 22 points, he’s got 7.5 back early first quarter.

Sometimes it’s just not your year