Thielen Trade?

A guy in my league wants to trade me Fournette for Thielen and kerryon.
My team: WR: Brown, Thielen, Agholor, Marvin Jones, lockett, cole, baldwin
RB: kerryon, cook, buck allen, mccoy, penny, and rojo
I like fournette as a trade target, but I’m way over paying if I do this.
He has diggs, gordon, and ridley as his starting wrs and hunt, fournette, and michel as his top rbs.
Any thoughts on making a trade for fournette?

I have Thielen and Kerryon on my team and I wouldn’t give up these two healthy guys for a dude with on and off hamstring problem.

However, if you really want Fournette… … I think I might be biased, but all I can think of are offering your worst players for him. Maybe Baldwin and McCoy? Lockett and Cook? It’s kinda tough for me.