Thielen vs Tate - dynasty trade

Footclan! Which side you got in half PPR dynasty ?

Team 1: Golden Tate, 2019 1st
Team 2: Thielen, 2019 2nd

All rookie picks.

Fairly close, but I would lean the Thielen side.

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We like Thielen as he has a higher ceiling now that he has the highest paid player in NFL hx slinging the rock. Adam it is.

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Thielen is a little younger and seems to have the higher ceiling. I would take his side in this deal. The only thing for me is where the 2019 1st lands, if it’s a lottery pick then this is really close.

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I expect to contend, so my guess is mid to late at the worst.

The first is almost making me lean Tate. Damn it’s close though!

Unless it is going to be a top 5 1st round pick, I would go with Thielen. He has great upside, a redzone and PPR monsters, while Tate will rarely find the endzone and hard to see him being extended with the lions when he turns 30 next year.

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While I have you guys here…

Team 1: Cohen, 2019 2nd
Team 2: 2019 or 2020 1st

Which side wins?

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Depending where in the draft that future first round pick is, I would lean in that direction. Cohen is a great scat back, but he definitely does not hold the promise of being anything more than a third down back or slot option.

We are not too sure about this one. Only one other player in NFL hx has done what Cohen did in his rookie season: Rush TD, Rec TD, Ret TD, Pass TD
This new off coordinator maybe able to utilize him, to some extent, like he utilized The Cheetah during last season. Tough one for me as I not familiar with Dynasty. Looking forward to see more comments on how this one unfolds.

BTW, the other player is GALE SEYERs