Thielen/Watkins for Julio?

There’s a guy who’s 0-3 in our league that has Julio, Geronimo, Jordy, Brandon Marshall and James Washington as his WRs. Should I try to offer Thielen and Watkins for Julio?

My WRs: AJ Green, Thielen, Watkins, Lockett

Or I could just stay the course as well since Thielen has been getting a ton of targets and Watkins may keep things going. Let me know your guys’ thoughts.

I would do it if there is Boyd or Ridley available on the waivers or allison. Cause then you will for sure be getting the better deal

I would rather have Julio. I always prefer the best player in the trade if it’s 2 for 1

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I probably would stick with thielen and watkins. Watkins is a solid flex/bye week play and the difference between thielen and julio is pretty narrow.

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It’s a 14 team league so waiver wire is completely barren (ie. Christian Kirk, Albert Wilson)

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if waivers are bare then it’s better to stay the course. If it was like a 12 man this would be a for sure trade though.

I would absolutely pick up Kirk, I want no part of Wilson though. That offense is so diluted and they spread the wealth around, no thanks.

Stand pat, Julio is getting targets taken on by Ridley plus I wouldn’t trust Sark for giving Julio redzone TD targets.