Thin at RB? Who to Drop for M.Mack

After my Fournette and Burkhead injury I am thin at RB

Barber, Breida,Garcon,Cobb,Godwin on my bench

My WR;s are thielen, Diggs starting

I have to drop 2 to pick up mack and a defense later this week. Or should I just NOT pick him up

any help would be appreciated. I love you footclan!!! helped me out a lot !

Lol forgot to write the guy who im trying to add LOL

I would drop Garçon for Mack. Then try to trade Thielen or Diggs (your choice) for another low end WR1/RB1 or high end WR2/RB2…not great to be starting both WRs on the same team.

yea i know its not good to get the same wideouts on the same team lol. THielen dropped to the Late 4th so i had to pick him up for the value

That’s fair to grab the value in the draft, but now you should flip that value for a player who is actually valuable for your team.