Things that make ya say hmmm

I’m in a league where 3 players can be kept and each player moves up a round from the previous season. I have pick 1.01, so I’ll be taking CMC to start my draft, and I’m definitely keeping Lamar Jackson in the 14th. What combination of the remaining options do you guys prefer?

Kamara- 2nd
Antonio Gibson- 5th
Mark Andrews- 8th
Chase Claypool- 11th

Leaning towards Kamara/Gibson, and potentially having 3 top 10 RBs…but man do I love Claypool and I don’t think he makes it back to me in the 6th.

I don’t think it’s out of the question claypool comes back. It’s maybe not a great shot in keeper leagues but I don’t think it’s impossible. He’s probably the only potential drop you have a legit shot at getting back.