Think Bronco fan will accept?

Weak at running back. Trying to get Jordan Howard from a Broncos fan for Demaryius Thomas and Tyrell Pryor. Think it’ll work?

i think thats a pretty even trade even without pryor (who i personally as a jets fan don’t see the reason for being owned, will not see much action i dont think, 4th wr when kearse is back)


What side of that trade would you rather be on? I know I’d want to be the one receiving Howard and I would not accept that for Howard (I do have him).


really depends on need for me, in the league i have him i wouldn’t trade him for a wr because i’m comforable with what i have. in the league i don’t have him, if i did i would trade him for demariyus for sure beacuse i have no wr and i think dt returns to form this year

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I’m really trying to play on his fandom with this trade. And to sweeten it for him I’m adding Dumpster Fire. Love the 2 for 1 trades!

You can offer, but I wouldn’t expect that to be accepted. a RB1 for a mid to low WR2 and a WR that isn’t worth owning at all.