Think I just ended my season

I traded Lockett and Kerryon for Melvin Gordon full PPR. My other RBs are Kamara, penny and malcolm brown. My WRs are THIELEN, boyd, McLaurin and anthony miller

Idk how you mean ended. If it’s good or bad. I like the trade personally. Gordon is a player you want weeks 10-playoffs. Wrs are easy to stream and I’m still not sold on kerryon my wayward son. I would drop brown for a serviceable player unless you’re deep enough to hold a handcuff. I dropped my streamer qb for Pollard as a handcuff so i can’t judge for holding onto a handcuff. Pollard and Matteson are better I’m. Gurley had the knee issues but they’re saving him hard for the stretch run

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Well, with it being only rumored that he was coming back I felt uneasy but now that he is for sure coming back tomorrow I feel way better!