Thinking about hosting a new dynasty league but want to change things up. What are some "off-norm" settings/rules youd like to see in a dynasty start-up?

A “Normal” dynasty league to me is a 12 team- 1qb full ppr league. 27 man rosters with a taxi. But i want to branch out and start something new.

Open to suggestions and if youd be interested let me know

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Points for 1st Downs.
Bigger starting line ups.
Bigger rosters.
Off-season activities for supplemental draft picks.
Tiered PPR.
Tight End Premium.


I like to do yardage bonuses:
Rushing and receiving
100+ = 2 points
200+ = 5 points

25+ completions = 2 points

already have bonuses implemented already, im a fan

have tried SF, not the biggest fan but it does help make qbs relevant in trades etc. Same with TE Premium

  • Dynasty Best Ball
  • Devy (use Taxi squad for non NFL players)
  • Doubleheader schedule
  • Larger starting lineups (1QB, 3RB, 3WR, 2TE, 3Flex, 1SF - optionally 1K and 1D)
  • “All play” playoffs (During Week 14, seeds 3, 4, 5 and 6 will compete in a total points competition, with the top 2 scoring teams moving on to the next round. During Weeks 15 and 16, seeds 1 and 2, as well as the two Seeds which advanced from Week 14, will compete in a total points competition, with the highest scoring team being crowned League Champion)

@morestagedives lays out many of the nice things to try.

I also try 4 or 5 pt TD for QB. I give more bonuses for yards rushing / rec as well. Give return yards to players instead of the DST.

Of the suggestions already said, tiered PPR is brilliant and SF is the only way to go.

I strongly suggest an auction draft for any new dynasty start ups. It makes it fair and does not punish someone’s long term roster for drafting at the 1.12. It gives everyone a shot at any player. They might not win them, but they have a shot.

@morestagedives whats typical for a points for 1st down. A full point? and for TE Premium is 1.5ppr better or 2.0ppr

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Anyone familiar with points per carry or points per completion scoring?

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I play in a league with salary cap. This is another dimention in lineupbuilding if you want to take it from beginner to advanced.
The salary cap increases every year like in the NFL. This year the cap is 136.5 mil. We use to update the salarys in a spreadsheet.
Hope you find the ruletwist you like.

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There’s a few way. I use 0.5 per first down, you can go full point. It’s up to what you think is best.

TE Premium I go a half point. 1 PPR TE in half ppr, and 1.5 PPR TE in full ppr.

I also use tired PPR that’s 0.5 RB. 1 WR, 1.5 TE, and I give 0.2 for a 0-9 yard catch, 0.4 for a 10-19, 0.6 for a 20-29, 0.8 for a 30-39 and 1.0 for a 40+ yard reception.


For my TE Premium leagues, I have one at 1.5 and one a 2. IMHO, you need to make it 2 to really make the TE deep. IE: in my league 25 TE score in the top 150 players.

For 1st downs I’ve run everything from .1 > .5 > 1 point. NOTE: I really like high scoring leagues that reward players for things that matter in the NFL.

Tiered PPR, like @morestagedives notes, is the bomb. I use his numbers, but one league has 2 for TE. I have messed around with the catch distance, but I do not start those bonuses until you get to 10 yards. In my mind, <10 gives too much benefit to RB but that’s just my feelings. I also feel like many of those passes get 1st downs (not all of course) so the 1st down bonus covers it. The rest I completely agree with, except I do 2 for 40+ as those are pretty uncommon and, as above, they can really flip a game.

thanks for the responses guys. I was wondering if 1.5 was enough to make tight ends truly a premium.

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It does, but IMHO you need to punch it up to 2PPR for TE to really make them count.

This league is definitely funky, but here is a sheet of how points breakdown for the top ~150

I have the master sheet controlling everything I could (this has some wonky settings), but the goal was to make all positions balanced. Those projections are based off of Fantasy Pros 2020 projections for reference.

Sort the sheet Z>A on the IFaIKI PTS to see the top scores down through the lowest score.

mind sharing the league scoring for me too? Crazy that kelce is right up there with CMC

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Sure thing. Those projections do not take everything into account that these scores show since most places do not project first downs, length of passes, etc. But here is the scoring being used and it is overlaid where it fit their provided projections, if that makes sense?

The passing yards score more than running yards and the extra 1.5PPR for TE over the RB postion add up fast.

Passing Yards +0.04 per yard (25 yards = 1 point)
Passing TD +6
Passing First Down +0.10
2-Pt Conversion +2
Pass Intercepted -2
Pick 6 Thrown -5
Incomplete Pass -0.10
QB Sacked -1
40+ Yard Completion Bonus +1
40+ Yard Pass TD Bonus +1

Rushing Yards +0.13 per yard (8 yards = 1 point)
Rushing TD +6
Rushing First Down +0.050
2-Pt Conversion +2
Rush Attempts +0.10
40+ Yard Rush Bonus +2
40+ Yard Rush TD Bonus +2

Receiving Yards +0.17 per yard (6 yards = 1 point)
Receiving TD +6
Receiving First Down +0.15
2-Pt Conversion +2
40+ Yard Reception Bonus +2
40+ Yard Reception TD Bonus +2
Reception Bonus - RB +0.50
Reception Bonus - WR +1
Reception Bonus - TE +2

Special Teams Defense
Special Teams TD +7
Special Teams Forced Fumble +2
Special Teams Fumble Recovery +2
Special Teams Solo Tackle +0.50
Punt Return Yards +0.13 per yard (8 yards = 1 point)
Punt Return TD +7
Kick Return Yards +0.13 per yard (8 yards = 1 point)
Kick Return TD +7

Special Teams Player
Special Teams Player TD +7
Special Teams Player Forced Fumble +2
Special Teams Player Fumble Recovery +2
Special Teams Player Solo Tackle +0.50
Player Punt Return Yards +0.13 per yard (8 yards = 1 point)
Player Punt Return TD +7
Player Kick Return Yards +0.13 per yard (8 yards = 1 point)
Player Kick Return TD +7

Fumble Lost -2

100-199 Yard Rushing Game +3
200+ Yard Rushing Game +7
100-199 Yard Receiving Game +2
200+ Yard Receiving Game +6
300-399 Yard Passing Game +3
400+ Yard Passing Game +6
100-199 Combined Rush + Rec Yards +1
200+ Combined Rush + Rec Yards +3
25+ pass completions +4
20+ carries +1