Thinking about offering for Michael Thomas

I was thinking about offering my Jordan Howard and Golden Tate in a .5 PPR and receive Michael Thomas

My team is (12 man league)
WR: Tate, Stefon Diggs, Jeremy Maclin, Pierre Garcon, Chris Hogan, Kenny Golloday
RB: Freeman, Howard, McCaffery, Eddie Lacy, and Chris Thompson.

I would use my open roster spot to sign Alvin Kamara off of waivers.

Would love opinions and explanations if you can, thanks guys!

I don’t think I would do this trade. I like Michael Thomas and all, but you are deeper at WR than you are at RB so I wouldn’t do that. I would rather group those two together for an upgrade at RB. But relying on McCaffery who, honestly nobody has any idea how will be used, as your weekly starter is risky.

Appreciate the input, I am just worried about having no WR1 on my team and I have that gut feeling on CMC. But I totally understand your reasoning and its probably why I wont pull the trigger.

Yeah I totally get that. Maybe just hang out and see how CMC is used the first couple weeks. If they use him enough to where you can get 10+ points out of him a game then I say go for it. Also, you may luck out and get a few good games out of Howard and drive up his value.

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Yea I would love for huge Howard game Week 1, would increase my chances so much to make that deal.

Well… We got a decent game from Howard, problem is Cohen showed up. I fear you and I as Howard owners may be worse off than we were before.

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No kidding… What a bad situation. I am gonna try and move him I think. I really do not want to deal with this through the season.