Thinking about Proposing a Trade. What do you think?

12 man .5 PPR league.

Right now my RB’s are a little weak:
Ingram, D. Johnson, Montgomery, Sanders, C. Thompson.

Until Montgomery and Sanders become the clear #1 backs this makes me a little Nervous.

Thinking about Trading:

D. Johnson and Cooks for Chris Carson

My other WR’s are Adams, OBJ, Samuel, and McLaurin.

I have Walker and Hockinson and my TE’s so I could always use one of them at flex if I had to.

Does trading away Cooks leave my depth at WR too shallow?

I get your desire for urgency, but I think you’re in decent shape rn. Sanders, Montgomery and Thompson already have good matchups this week and Ingram should get you thru the first 3-4 weeks, don’t necessarily need to force a trade and make your WR depth worse just because your RBs aren’t the unquestioned workhorses yet

That is theoretically an even trade in a vacuum. Carson would give you a stud, but I think you’re concern in the last line is right. I wouldn’t blow up your WR depth to upgrade yet. One of Montgomery or Sanders will be great for you in a couple of weeks. Just be patient!

if you can get it I’d make the trade. Looks like Hyde is running well and going to have a bigger role than we might have thought. Adams should hopefully bounce back if Rodgers got the rust out last game. OBJ should be fine. Plus you could trade away one of Monty and Sanders at a later point when/if you need a WR. I just don’t trust Ingram as a RB1 and would prefer Carson as RB1/2. Also Mike Davis looked good so I’m worried that Monty won’t take over for a long time.