Thinking about taking Gurley 5th overall, and I like it. Prove me wrong

I dont feel good about David Johnson and i want to lock down an elite RB, and i think Gurley will be fine. Arthitic knee aside, hes gonna run hard and run often, even if slightly less than last year, where he had like 23 TD’s and 1380 yds? ill be fine if he gives me 15 TD’s and 1200 yds. I think him going into the 2nd or 3rd rounds is crazy and hes gonna be a huge steal.

I am leaning this way as well, but I am not planning on using my first pick (4th) on him. Hoping he slips to late 2nd, but I doubt it.

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I used my 7th overall on him. I’m high on Gurley as well. He’s still going to be the goal line specialist and is still an elite back. If he feels fast and strong he probably is. The only question it leaves is do you waste a bench spot on a handcuff or do you use that spot to better your team in another way?

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Arthritic knee… bound to swell up resulting in who knows how much missed time… if he barely plays in the most important games of his career what makes you think he plays 16 in the regular season?

They rode the bajeezus out of him for 2 years, of course a knee will swell, arthritis aside. Even with a slightly decreased workload hell thrive and may even keep a healthy pace for 15+ TD’s this season. You heard it here first