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Thinking about this trade


I’m in a 10 team standard scoring league (yahoo pro league) and am thinking of making this offer to one of my league mates:
I send: Michael Thomas and Isaiah Crowell
He sends: Devonta Freeman and Adam Thielen.

I feel good at my WR spot as I have AB, Crabtree, and Moncrief. My Rb’s on the other hand are pretty lackluster w/ Crowell and Gore. Is this a good trade for me or should I stand pat for now?

I was also considering offering him Thomas and Gore first to see if he’d go for it. What do you all think?


Thomas and Gore is better, but you aren’t receiving the value you are giving up here. Thomas is going to end up top 5 I believe.


I agree with Guinness in this situation. You would be giving up a potential top 5 prospect at WR and a potential top 10 RB while only receiving a top 5 talent at RB but at most a top 20 WR (and that is a stretch). If he doesn’t accept the Thomas and Gore trade I believe you are better off just waiting during the season to snag that ever present waiver wire gem at RB while letting your receivers carry you until that point. Your RB’s are serviceable enough to keep you afloat until that time. Good Luck!