Thinking crazy

Standard Redraft

After my trade comes through my official team will be:

QB: Murray
RB: Jacobs
RB: Taylor
WR: Diggs
WR: Golladay
TE: Hockenson
Flex: Lockett
*Open spot

I am thinking of trading Lockett for Conner. Conner owner literally has him on the bench.

Other Team
QB: Fitz
RB: J. Robinson
RB: Henry
WR: A.J. Brown
WR: Godwin
TE: Kelce
Flex: Gaskin

Am I being crazy? The other team is WR heavy already. Thoughts for or against? Thanks Footclan!

I don’t trust Conner’s health, but you can’t deny his production. I traded him for Golladay and I’m ALMOST regretting it, especially since I have CEH and I may need RB help soon.

If Locket is a guy that you think you might bench or only flex and Conner is a guy you’ll play every week, I kind of think you should make that trade.

Metcalf is starting to look like a monster and I do worry about Locket a little bit ROS.

Edit: I somehow missed that you also have JJ and Anderson on the bench. Hell yeah…make that trade. Even if Conner goes out, he should get your some wins first.

I have McLaurin, not Anderson.

My WRs: Diggs, Golladay, Lockett, Jefferson, McLaurin

My RBs: Jacobs, Taylor, Bell

Other team:
RBs: Henry, J. Rob, Gaskin, Conner
WRs: A.J. Brown, Godwin, Anderson, Aiyuk

I definitely need some RB depth.

I agree with @Branhammer, I don’t trust conners health but his production in undeniable! I think it’s a good trade especially with your depth at WR. I’d make the move. You also don’t have to worry about his bye.

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Oh yep, my reading comprehension failed me again.

Even better though. With Mclaurin, I stand by my statement.

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Trade put in.

Hopefully accepted. Next week Taylor is on bye. Jacobs and Bell will be my only RBs to play :joy:

Conner health is only issue. Otherwise he’s basically a 80 yards and or a TD each week. When he’s available he generally delivers