Thinking of a trade shakeup

Lightly considering making a pretty large move, just brainstorming but in standard scoring what do you think of me trading my Kareem Hunt and Mike Evans for his Antonio Brown and Alvin Kamara? I personally love Hunt(watching him shows how good he is, not just recent numbers) and Evans had been fine besides the 1 game suspension. Do you think this is an upgrade or just a wash at best and not worth it? Thanks for any input! Just brewing up some ideas for a strong playoff push

If you can I’d make this trade in a heartbeat but with Evans suspension that’s tricky

Yeah that’s kind of what I’m thinking and honestly I feel that Hunt will have significantly more value following the bye(Andy Reid has an amazing tack record coming off byes). I’m kicking myself too because week 3, pre AP trade and pre Aaron Jones I traded Kamara for Ty Mont straight up thinking the ribs wouldn’t be an issue and he’d go back to 90% snap count pre injury. Definitely the worst trade I’ve made in recent memory :pensive:

Yea if you can get brown I’d jump on that whenever I can grab Antonio I always get him. I think kamara will have a good playoff schedule as well as your getting an upgrade at wr Evans isn’t doing good this year and Winston is struggling