Thinking of not picking up a defense. Am I dumb? Help plz

Ok never did anything like this before…

I’m 4-1… Only projected to beat my opponent by 4 pts.

I have no defense because I dropped it mid week to pick up AP And then dropped smallwood to pick up DMC.

Here is my bench right now

Rishard Matthews

I don’t own hyde or zeke… But the same owner has both hyde and zeke so I think breida and DMC might be good trade pieces to him.

So I know I saw last night it looks like zeke is reapply to get a stay and may now play after his bye week.

So am I dumb to not pick up a streaming defense like the Texans and play them… Or is it worth it to chance it and keep my upside bench?? And not drop anyone.

(colts and Titans aren’t on the waiver so can’t wait till Monday unfortunately)

Thanks for advice… And if I am being dumb. Let me know who I should drop from the group.

Pick up a defense! You need all the points you can get for possible tie breaker situations!


You probably won’t want to do this, but I would drop AP and get that defense. Peterson isn’t going to do very much.

@Mhalefit who would u suggest to drop

I would drop AP honestly. Cards line has had issues this year and AP is not nearly as good as his name is right now

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Both Dallas and Cardinals have struggled on their O-line. Zeke has had issues getting out of the backfield all year. And for the Cardinals I would rather have Ellington. I would drop either McFadden or AP

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Thought you all said AP sucked. @RyanDelaney @capesius15

LOL j/k

thanks for the info on picking up a defense though as I picked one up that scored me 23 pts.

And luckily kept AP And dropped mcfadden


I guess playing against Tampa Bay can heal all wounds lol

Glad my advice didn’t cripple your future

It’s just one game. I’m not gonna get super excited about it. Prob gonna trade him while his value is at its highest… I doubt he keeps that kind of pace up the rest of the year