Thinking of offering this trade. Thoughts?

I am currently 3-1 with the following roster, and am trying to push a trade (at the bottom). Thoughts? I have been planting feelers around my league trying to upgrade my WR2 slot.

QB: Deshaun Watson
WR: Hopkins, Tyrell Williams, Robby Anderson, McLaurin, Gallup, G. Tate, Crowder
RB: Fournetter, Ingram, Ekeler, and Kareem Hunt sitting on the bench.
TE: Mark Andrews

The other owner is considering this trade:

Acquire: Aaron Jones, Devante Adams, and Jaylen Samuels
Give Up: Tyrell Williams, Fournette, and Ekeler.

I am thinking yes. My only hesitancy is that Fournette is getting the rock virtually 100% of Jax’s running plays. But adding Adams is an upgrade, Jones could be considered equal to Fournette, and Jaylen could be good if Connor remains/gets hurt. Ekeler I am still uncertain of his value, obviously.

I agree that if Conner is out Jaylen is a great player, but outside of a season-ending or long-term injury you’re unlikely to get enough value from him. Especially if you don’t already own Conner. If your RB3 is Kareem hunt, yikes! Leaving yourself too thin at RB after this trade in my opinion. I would much prefer Ekeler rest of season to Jaylen even with Melvin Gordon back. My guess is they aren’t willing to trade Adams without one of your top two RB’s, without looking at their team, I would try to package Ekeler and a WR for a low-end WR1 or high-end WR2 on another team.


I agree with you 100%. I have been trying to package Ekeler in trades for similar others like you mentioned but literally no one in my league thinks Ekeler has any value right now. I am thinking i will have to let the Chargers backfield situation unfold a week or two, hope Ekeler’s stock rises, and cash in then. Trading away my rb’s right now is forcing a trade. thanks for the advice.

I have actually only submitted one trade offer that the guy has not made up his mind yet.

Williams and Anderson for Thielan. I have almost pressed “cancel trade” a dozen times now but havent yet.

That’s a tough one! I’ve been loving Theilen as a buy low target recently. I personally think he’ll turn it around as early as this week. Williams has been super consistent with the TD’s though, but he always seems to be injured in some way. I don’t think that’s an uneven trade.

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