Thinking of starting a Dynasty

I’ve been a pretty avid Fantasy player since 2014 and am going into year 2 of my keeper league (as commish). I’ve gotten really into it in the last year or so, to the point where I bought the UDK this year and just joined the #footclan about 30 minutes ago (wooo!).

I’m looking for any advice from folks that have experience with Dynasty leagues, particularly being a commissioner. Any advice for me? I know that the main thing is just to be quite selective with anyone I add to the league, as I would have to have confidence they would be in it for the long haul.


Here’s my tip: join a #footclan dynasty league my dude. I just joined an empire league, where 30% of the winnings each year are put aside for someone to “hit the jackpot” down the line (by winning the league 2 years in a row). This limits turnover because people with bad teams look at the jackpot and feel motivated to try to rebuild and compete.

If you have some friends who you think will be good for a dynasty league? Invite them dude! Fill in the rest with footclan members. You have time to find the right people because you’re most likely looking at starting one up next offseasons since this season already started.

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