Thinking of trading for bell

I want bell, thinking putting out a trade for him
Rb depth is
M Gordon
R. Freeman
Wr depth

Thinking maybe Collins, r. Freeman maybe cole??? Thiughts or ideas

2 wr starting spots in your league and is it PPR? Why not flip collins or freeman to try and get a low end WR1 or legit WR2?

You have great RB depth but I get the Bell love, start with Gordon and cole straight up see if the Bell panic gets you that, then negotiate from there. I wouldnt give up 2rbs and a Wr though, BOL.

Yes we start 2 wr and it’s a standard league

You have the leverage especially with the news of Bell holding out becuase of workload concerns, I’d see if he bites on Howard and Cole or Freeman and Collins but dont give up too much because then youd be screwed, does the Bell owner have Connor?

Ok, no he doesnt have connors, he has Derrick Henry and lynch after bell and that’s it

He needs help at rb and with the shallow depth chart he may jump on a trade, see if he’ll go for the collins/Freeman combo but dont offer up Gordon unless you really want Bell that bad, imo.

@THEMLG33 what’s your thoughts on offering Julio and Ajayi for Bell? Overpay? Insult?

I’d take this trade (if I was receiving Bell).

Which one buddy? I have julio, ajayi, Melvin Gordon, royce freeman, thielen, and Rex to make an offer with.

I was thinking the same thing, but maybe swap Julio for thielen

I’d also take that trade, I’d be more interested in Julio though

The Julio + Ajayi trade above. I would take Bell.

Thielen + ajayi for Bell is a joke. If I saw that, i’d laugh and probably not even respond.


Thanks for the input!

Depending on wr depth I’d be hesitant to offer up Julio for Bell consideirng Bell can hold out all the way up until week 10 or 11 and still get paid. Bell is becoming the Zeke elliot of last yr where we have no idea how much is he going to play, huge risk but if your roster can handle it Id do it because the you’d be getting a fresh bell for the playoff push.