Third pick strategy

Hi, Everyone. I’m in a standard (QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, RB/WR/TE Flex, DST, K) 10 team , full PPR, up to 2 keeper league where each team can keep 0-2 players and lose up to a first and second round for your keepers. I plan on keeping OBJ and LeVeon Bell for my keepers and have a question about my third pick. I’m drafting 8th. Would you draft either an RB (because LB is injury prone), WR or the best player on the board at the time of my pick? Appreciate your thoughts on this one!

I think you’ve got to take the best player on the board.

McCaffrey and Jarvis Landry are two potential options for that 3.8 pick. However, your team is off to a great start with OBJ and Le’Veon. I wouldn’t gamble with a rookie like McCaffrey. Sammy Watkins and Edelman intrigue me in the third round as well.

Im trying for an rb, but i won’t reach for one. Best player available is what I do. Unless I have a wr and running back in the same teir availble, then I go rb. But also if i have 4 rbs in that teir and only 1 wr, i might go wr and try to pick up one of those 4 on the reverse. Ill do that depending on the team needs picking after me. But i want, and need someone reliable next to bell. That way, when and if he goes down i have something to lean on.

id go running back if any of the following backs are there (crowell, lynch, mccaffrey(if u fully buy in)) and obviously anyone ranked above those backs. I just think the RB position is scarce so i like to stack up, since i know WRs will be there in later rounds.