This cant be considered collusion, right?

So, we all have Leagues where some of the owners are your best friends and some are not that close, right? Sometimes we dont even personally know well all 12 people…
In my main league, i’ve been having a hard time trading with this guys i dont know that well, but 2 of my bestfriends are there too and i’ve been able to trade with them. This got me thinking: Is this any kind of collusion?
I mean, talking to your bestfriends is easier, you have more intimacy to message them a lot to convince them to do some trades, sometimes they would rather trade with you than with some of the guys who they dont know that well, and sometimes you can get info like: oh this other team is trying to trade for this player, do you have interest in him?

Anyway, not that my trades were bad or didnt help both teams, none of my friends are stupid or anything, they know the game and like fantasy a lot, but sometimes it seems easier to agree on a trade with your best bros than with that guys that you dont…

I wouldn’t say it’s collusion. Some people trade, some never do or others only trade if they win the trade out right(say Julio for Brandon cooks type trade).

def not because your friends arent trying to trade you guys so you win and vice versa, correct?

Not collusion at all. My league is the same way. While I am the commissioner and know all the guys very well, a couple of them have only met in person at the draft and that is it. My best friend is more willing to call me at 3AM yelling at me to accept his trade than he would be some guy he barely knows.

Just the nature of fantasy and friendships. All good.