This Forum Is Awful

95% of it is trades. How bout do some basic research and bring some value to the table. I see gobs of people asking for trade advice but bring nothing but the question.

Me, I’m a Saints subject matter expert. I know Payton like a close second cousin figuratively. Want to know about Latavious useage I’ll tell you. He will be used A LOT once they have a lead. They can’t do it so far and won’t be able to with Brees looking like IR. LM is about as close to dropable as it gets after today. The team will suck with Bridgewater.

That kind of stuff. Other sites, they discuss all these things. Almost none of that going on here. I can’t use this forum for anything useful on scoping out other teams.

Oh brother


Woo go saints!

I like the podcast, very entertaining. I don’t base anything I do however on what they say. According to them my team was trash. Well low and behold (again) it is not.

There are much deeper conversations elsewhere on how to construct a team that can score big bags of points. I was hoping for some of that here but there is next to nothing. I get laughed at for drafting Kamara and Mecole Hartman and using my waiver on the Pats D this week…meh.

I mean I dont get why people cant value their own trades. That is what makes Fantasy Football fun. If I were do go off what other people say all the time why even play.

I think for the most part people aren’t looking for trade advice on here, it’s more for reassurance. The “ that’s a no brainer” and “accept it right away” sort of comments are the ones people seek out in hopes to justify giving up guys from their team they may have a bias towards cause they drafted them or have some sort of waiver priory/FAB spent up.

This forum helps connect people that have questions or need the assurance since for the most part, I’m not going to have many trade discussions with others in my league (not involved in the trade) cause I don’t wanna get snaked and outbid for sharing my moves with others.

So coming on here provides insight from non bias people that all looking to help others in the footclan get their #FootClanTitle


Couple of points Mr. Negativity,

  1. It doesnt take a genius to know Kamara is a top 3 fantasy player…if people laughed at you I would love to have them donate their money in my league.
  2. The ffballers have consistently talked up Hardman so kudos to anyone who had the foresight to grab him early.
  3. It’s pretty obvious especially if you are streaming defenses you absolutely play anyone against Miami this year. They are clearly playing for the #1 draft pick.

I understand there may be other forums that suit you better for the way you want to consume and discuss football but simply dumping on any particular forum because “you don’t like it” does nothing for anyone. One thing I’d like to see to be honest is to separate out their forums into channels i.e. Trades, Waiver Wire, etc…

There are obviously a lot of people who enjoy this forum so if you dont like it then go somewhere else.


This forum is just fun. Fantasy football is just fun. I don’t understand your harsh criticism over a forum that is based on a game…a long game, but a game regardless.


Why are you here then?


This is easily the least useful thread on the first page. So if you think the rest are bad, congrats on finding a way to do worse than them.

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So leave! No one cares about your negativity.


I like this forum because I ask people if they think the trades I’m offering are fair. I can’t count on people in my league to offer unbiased opinions so I leave it to this group.