This game sucks

Newton hasn’t been the same since loosing the super bowl to manning

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I think big Cam got brought back down to earth after that…and now he’s having a hard time keeping his mind off…“he ain’t GOD”!!! Until he realizes…like a lot of other players…that he’s just part of the whole GRAND SCHEME of things, and just because you have ONE GOOD YEAR…that’s not gonna have you set for life!!! He’s gonna have to come back down to earth…and just get his mind back on “playing football”!!!

Cam missing throws, Buc’s play calling is concerning. Still no Howard action. GOOSE EGG

Lot of people are going to panic about Howard and CMC and cam this week. Watch for it on this forum lol


dont think CMC will be an issue going down the line but def about howard and cam