This has been driving me nuts!

I may have asked this twice already


I hate the idea of either of them. Maybe tom savage throwing picks will help the colts get more passes going.

Can’t trust sanders first week back with new qb.


I started a similar post about Sanders yesterday after losing Garcon, but no bites so far. As I mentioned, I, too was uncertain about starting Sanders first week back, now even more so with a new QB. But…the Ballers all said they’d have to start both him and DT. And if I remember correctly, don’t think they were real high on Hilton. But don’t quote me on that. Can’t remember for sure.

I started the post basically just to maybe get a few second opinions since I’m in a really tight position here: Sanders still listed as (Q), Thielen on BYE, and now NO Garcon. Went out and picked up Kupp after dropping Garcon, and my only other WR is Agohlor.
So…I don’t know if that helps or not, but just a little food for thought.

Sorry. Forgot to mention that I also have R Anderson, but he’s locked in since I played him Thu night.

Also…just saw a report from Pro Football Focus that rcommends starting Hilton as the Ind coach said they’re gonna try to find ways to get him the ball more. Another report said that Sanders is scheduled to start, but he’s gonna be shadowed by Patrick Robinson. NOT GOOD

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Good input llc!

I’m gonna go with hilton this week. I like to think it’s impossible hilton doesnt perform this week.

I second Hilton. This matchup is gold for him. He’s lit it up mostly every time he’s played Houston. He’s one of my fan duel too picks this week.

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