This is a for sure trade right? am i missing something?

I get David Johnson and Antonio Callaway(who cares)
I give Nick Chubb and Josh gordon

Bro I’d keep what you have. Those two are poised to blow the roof off this second half. Who the hell knows what will come of DJ with new OC. Forget the name. Your side is stronger here.

Stick with what you have.

idk if it changes anythign but i have
melvin gordon

You’re set man. Dude is trying to pouch your eliteness. Stay elite. Chubb is an elite talent with enormous workload. Gordon and Brady are about to destroy the league together. This trade isn’t close.

No way. I would not accept this. You lose too much.

I would only accept if you really believe the Cards are going to turn it around with a new OC. If this happens then Johnson could get back to elite status (top 5 RB). If Chubb ends up being a decent player on a bad team and Gordon never gets the utilization (or does something stupid) then it ends up being a good trade. Everyone is bagging on this trade, but it really depends on what you think will happen over the second half of the season.

Stick with what you have man. I have J Gordon as well and am holding on to him thinking that he will be an amazing asset here shortly. He’s already showing tons of promise and Brady has no issues putting the ball his way and trusting him to come down with it. I also have Chubb too who will have his own elite games. The Browns aren’t the best, but they’re not a joke anymore either.