This is a tough one

Just got offered Mixon and Julio for AJ Green and Aaron Jones. Anyone have strong opinions about that?

That is tough.

I think I like Mixon and Julio more but Julio isnt putting up his usual numbers. On the other side I think that A. Jones could see a Howard/Fournette type of role trying to minimize Hundleys exposure.

Good luck

I like Jones and AJ more. To me we have seen what Mixon is and it’s a borderline RB2 or Flex. ATL’s OC had gone looney tunes and I think Evan Silva said the Defense isn’t stopping anyone so it’s limiting the opportunities for the Offense.

Jones could be an RB1 I mean he’s done it in multiple weeks, just need to hope he’s given the opportunity.

AJ is doing what he always does with a semi-low floor but his highs win you weeks. Just need to hope he stays healthy.

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Redraft I like AJ and Jones but keeper I would be much more interested in Mixon, really believe he is going to be a stud long term