This is it. It's win NOW or it's over

This is going to be a long post. I need help desperately at this point. I’m going to rant and bitch first then put all the details I can about my league, my roster, and the current standings after my long rant. I’ll put “****” at the top and bottom of my bitch-fest if you’d like to skip it.

************** BEGIN RANT *****************
It was such a promising year. Dak was killing it for me and I was winning decisively. The first 4 weeks were a breeze and I even had thoughts that I might not lose a game this season. Then Dak went out. Then Drake went from mediocre to trash. Then DJ Moore became the new Mike Evans. Then Andy Reid stopped letting CEH run the damn ball (has he finally fixed this? Hope so…)

And now I’m sitting at 4-7. I haven’t won in nearly 2 months. I’ve done absolutely everything I can possibly fathom to stop the bleeding. I picked up Conner off waivers and flipped him for Golladay. I traded Kupp for Diontae. Ekeler was dropped and I landed him for the playoff run I SHOULD be locked into by now. I traded Aiyuk and Moss for Miles Sanders.

Nothing works. Every single week, I have an opponent put up their season high score against me. This week, it was a guy so desperate after losing Swift, that he had to start La’Mical Perine and two TEs, Waller and Hunter. Now, I get that they are good TEs, but the position as a whole is a wasteland and if you are having to start two of them and Perine as your RB2, you should, but all reasonable logic, NOT expect to win that week. Well he beat me by 36 points. I’d like to add the fact that I was starting 4 RBs who were workhorses for their teams, the least-likely of which being CEH, who was better than any of them.

I’m out of ideas. I’m putting the most logical lineup in that I can think of every week. I haven’t been projected to lose a single game this season. My team, on paper, looks like an absolute powerhouse compared to most of the other teams, who are lucky if they even have one true RB1. I have THREE (supposedly) and a 4th on IR if he’d ever play again.

My biggest issue is QB. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have played every “sure thing” streaming option available over the last 7 weeks and the best I got was Cam at NYJ. Besides him, I haven’t gotten more than 14 from anyone in 7 weeks. Two of them got me less than 10, including Matt Ryan yesterday. I can’t take this anymore. I need a QB that can pretend like he’s seen a football before at some point in his life. This is supposed to be the easiest position to stream, yet I have never in my life even HEARD of anyone having as much trouble replacing QB production in a 10-team, single QB league than I’ve had this year.

************** END RANT **********************

So now I’m in a situation where I HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO win out and then I still need some other teams to lose. The only thing going for me is that my next two games are against two of those teams I’m competing with for the 6th seed. One more loss and I’m mathematically eliminated.

10-team, full PPR, 4-pt TD pass.

One QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 2 Flex, 1 TE, 1 DST, 1K

So the win records after tonight, presumably, will be:
One 8-3 Team
One team that will be either 8-3 or 7-4 after tonight
One 7-4 team
One 6-5 Team
One team that will either be 6-5 or 5-6 after tonight
Three 5-6 teams
My 4-7 team
one 2-9 Team

So even winning out, my chances are probably slim. I need one of the teams to lose tonight and drop to 5-6 then I need 3 of the 5-6 teams to lose out, or a couple of them could go 1-1 and I think I’d overtake them. Anyway, none of that matters if I don’t win out.

My roster:

QB: Matt Ryan
RBs: Miles Sanders, J Rob, CEH, Drake, Austin Ekeler, Duke Johnson, David Johnson
WRs: Golloday, Diontae, Moore, Woods, Meyers, Pittman
TE: Fant, Logan Thomas
DST: Miami
K: Koo

So first off, Matt Ryan is on thin ice. If Julio is out, he is one of the worst QBs in football. It’s unreal. So, do I trust him? There’s not much on the waiver, and the most likely trade target would be Watson because his owner also have Aaron Rodgers. Unfortunately, that’s who I’m playing against this week. So if Julio is healthy, I don’t know if there’s a better option than Ryan.

Is Ekeler FINALLY going to play this week? Is Golladay? Can I trust Diontae to play better against BAL this time around? Is Moore finally going to be consistent? Can I trust Drake against NE if I have to? Is Woods ever going to be Woods again?

Lots of questions but the big question is simply: what would you guys do? The trade deadline is the 27th, so this is my final week to trade. I could go for Tyreek, but it’ll likely cost me a good RB and a decent WR in return. Or should I just sit tight and play the best talent on my roster? I know I’m not even considering Meyers again. As soon as I play him, he burns me. So I’ll play Moore over him all day.

I’m desperate. I don’t know how this has happened. I feel like it’s more probable that I’d be abducted by aliens than lose 7 straight games with this team.

I think you’re at the stage where if it takes a wr and rb to get tyreek you do it. Ekeler is the rb I’d want to keep most though.

Matt Ryan I want to believe in because he’s on my team too, but whilst I’m not in total panic about him I’m at least hovering on “won’t somebody please think of the children” from the Simpsons hysterical.

Do you think, with a Tyreek manager who only has Henderson, Burkhead, and Monty at RB, who is stacked at WR, would CEH and Drake or CEH and DJ Moore be enough to grab Tyreek?

Or would it be better to take a chance on CEH and give up Robinson instead, due to his very hard schedule?

They really need to think about it. Their tb situation is a mess and if they are loaded at wr then they should be making moves to address it.

CEH or Robinson and someone else would be realistic key piece to discuss. But it really depends on what the manager themselves view is the right deal. I’ve had people in leagues that would rather bench stars whilst being weak at a position point blank refuse to do deals because they lose the biggest name and in their mind lose the trade because of that.

Would you rather keep Robinson or CEH ROS?

I’d probably value Robinson slightly higher but if it was getting tyreek back I’d be open to moving either.

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so you play sanders and jrob every week. ekeler when healthy, looks to be trending to be back this week. that leaves 2 wide receiver and 1 flex spot open. Galloday whenever healthy is starting, more looks good, diontae looks good, so out of those 3, 2 can be started confidently. Woods is also solid. In a pinch, pittman can be put in i think. TE is most likely Fant every week. Targetting a qb is a good idea. Whichever qb the watson/rodgers owner values less would be a good target, pairing the likes of woods/moore/diontae with drake/DJ would be a great offer for a qb. after that you’ve got a really solid team man!

So I told him I wanted Tyreek and he wanted CEH and Drake for him. I accepted the shit out of that offer.