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This keeper draft got me a D+


Keeper Draft (non-snake draft)

1.4 Allen Robinson, JAC
1.6 Joe Mixon, CIN
1.10 Mike Gillislee, NE
2.10 Michael Crabtree, OAK
3.10 Martavis Bryant, PIT
4.10 Jonathan Stewart, CAR
5.10 Kareem Hunt, KC
6.10 Jeremy Maclin, BAL
7.10 Terrance West, BAL
8.10 Denver Broncos, DEN
9.10 Josh Doctson, WAS
10.10 Matt Prater, DET

This was my MOCK (sorry forgot to add this in) draft I did and I already kept OBJ, Gronk, Ware, R. Wilson, Enunwa. Its a 10 team, standard scoring with 6pt Pass TD, 1 per 20 yard passing and highly weighted D/ST scoring. Do you guys think this is D+ or do you think I did pretty well? thanks for the feedback guys!


While I think Gillislee will produce in New England & Mixon has a lot of potential, your backfield on paper is questionable.

RB - Mixon, Gillislee, Ware, Stewart


Hey my bad. Idk why putting mock escaped my mind. My bad for not putting this in there!


Lets take a look at starters here by position

QB = Wilson (Tier 3)
RB = Gillislee/Mixon/Ware (Tier 4)
WR = OBJ (Tier 1), Crabtree (Tier 3), Robinson (Tier 4)
TE = Gronk (Tier 1)

You will have an advantage at TE and WR, decent at QB, but RB will hurt. My advice would be to ditch Mixon. You already have the gamble with Hunt so you need someone reliable.


Where can you mock with keepers already taken out of available players?


Most sites will let you if you pay for an account.


So i basically have all tier 1 and 2 RBs kept. Should I shoot for Crowell instead of Mixon in those 1st round selections? Are there any late round backs who serve good purpose in Standard scoring?


fantasydraftwizard but its costs money buts its pretty cool.


and yes crowell > mixon

good late round standard rbs:
terrance west- at least for the first 4 games
latavius murray- minimum the goal line back for minnesota
gore- around the 8th round
jonathan steward
Jeremy Hill


You really could use a solid RB corps. WR depth is aplenty this season so grabbing a solid RB1 and RB2 is crucial to successful drafts. Not saying you can’t be successful with this if you trade and play the wire right but I’d give it a solid C+


Do you feel Jeremy Hill still has value? Im so unsure on him.


i mean im not targeting hill by any means. Hill is definitely the goal line back at least to start the season until mixon proves himself. Bernard still gonna be recovering the first couple weeks so if you get him pretty late. Might be worth the flier since he is one of the best red zone backs in the league since hes been in it. check his redzone/td numbers theyre pretty good.


Yep what i used and the money is worth it to get an idea of how keeper drafts go. First year in a keeper league and loved it to help understand how the draft works and thank you for the j. hill input. Think ive heard the ballers or read somewhere his read zone TDs.


Yes Crowell is a better option.