This Melvin Gordon news is a mess HELP

I have Sony and dalvin cook who I could slot in for Melvin who’s trying to push through it today at 3pm. Do I just play it safe with Sony? I already have ty in my flex it’s looking like a good week for me but I’m playing the second best team in my league. Huge game and I can’t afford 5 points and him leaving early. Thoughts???

I’m in the same spot, Sony available but I need Gordon. I’m rolling the dice with Melvin, fingers crossed! If I didn’t need the win against a powerhouse team I might be inclined to play it safer with another player.

Cook plays in the later game.

So keep Melvin in and see how the 1pm goes… If you need pts keep Gordon in… But if your ahead then maybe put cook in as he should have an ok floor.

But it’s nice Melvin and cook have later games so you can wait till warm ups to see if Melvin gets downgraded at all

That’s essentially what I as going to say too, lol. I have Gordon as my RB1, Ekeler on my bench, and MVS in my flex. Depending on the 1pm games I might just throw Ekeler in my flex instead. Later games have the advantages and disadvantages, I really like being able to plan around how my opponent is doing after the early games to see if I need to make a big move.