This might be simple, but want RB feedback

I have Bell, Murray, Henry, Carson, and Cohen. Someone dropped Howard. Crabtree, Tate, Sanders, T.Williams. Stafford, Mariota. Would you pick up Howard and drop someone?

If you want two team’s backfields you can. I personally wouldn’t. But if you absolutely needed to, I’d say drop mariota. Stafford is going to be better than him this season.

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Seems like the offense is in a trend of phasing out Howard and putting their eggs in the Cohen basket.
You have a strong group there. I would hold onto it.


Cool Thanks…It would be good to have Howard, but I also don’t want to give anything in the WR department. It full PPR by the way. My 1st w/w thought is Carson…just because…Or eventually Henry. I don’t normally handcuff. But a healthy Howard isn’t necessarily a handcuff with Cohen, Thanks guys

and also, Cohen may get more chances in games since Howard can’t even catch a cold. Your team is nice, just stick with what you have. Even when Howard plays, Cohen gets a lot of chances.