This or That Duo

So I’m in a 10 team HALF PPR league… picking from the 9 spot… Since most in my league heavily favor RB’s after the big 3 WR’s… I’m about 95% sure about who will be available for me at that round 1-2 turn around… my question is… would you rather have:

Jordy Nelson and AJ Green
Melvin Gordon and Jordy Nelson (or Green)

Got to be Gordon and Green - need at least one running back who has potential to be great. You can find a more than competent WR2 later in draft.

My problem with Gordon is he has a lot of evidence stacked against him for a bust… yes he has top 5 or even top overall potential assuming he does exactly what he did last year or better… but with them potentially feeding Gates in the RZ rather than leaning on Gordon, not to mention Keenan Allen’s return and the new found weapons in Henry and Tyrell Williams plus addition of the rookie WR… serious TD regression is in the cards for Gordon when considering how much of his damage was done in the RZ… and his inefficiency is of concern as well… if he repeats last year’s yardage totals with even a little TD regression you’re looking at RB2 value in the first round when you can get 2 guys who are guaranteed WR1 value barring injury… I mean if I had the choice of Freeman in that mix It wouldn’t even be a question… I put Freeman as a locked and loaded RB1 and everyone after him has major question marks… especially Gordon. The Gordon/Green start is my default but I just did a Mock on NFL where I got Nelson, Green, Gronk, Hyde, Martin, AP, Gillislee, Ware, Crowder, Cousins, Decker, Britt… not necessarily in that order. But I really like that team. One thing to remember is that if you went with the consensus workhorses last season you probably had Gurley, AP, Miller, or Martin… and you probably lost your league if you grabbed 2 of them. On the other hand if Gordon beats the odds and finishes RB1 not taking him would be the worst move of the season… but it wouldn’t be team breaking considering he has the Jets championship week.

Gordon in .5 pt leagues is definitely the choice given his 3 down opportunity with Chargers. Disregard ypc on Gordon as his workload caused some “inefficient” numbers but still productive regardless.

Green is my choice at WR

Would it even be a question if it was OBJ or Gordon in the first? Which is actually a legitimate scenario in my league because of RB bias and universal disdain for OBJ as a player… If you’re taking OBJ before Gordon then what’s the argument for taking Gordon before Nelson? Nelson has had more lost time but of his last 4 full seasons he’s finished as a top 2 WR 3 times… OBJ has never finished above WR4 and I don’t see his upside as greater this season than it was last…

I like going Gordon and Green. I think you want to take an RB then otherwise it’ll be slim pickings for an RB1 by the time it gets back to you.

Well if we’re being fair here… AP, Gurley, Miller, Martin were all in that “RB1” category last pre-season… I drafted Miller and Martin and traded for AP after week 1 last year… I stacked the expert consensus “RB1’s” and came in last in my league (it was standard league) because of it. Did a mock today where I started WR WR Gronk and got Hyde, Gillislee, AP, Martin, and Ware (plus Jacquizz to sub for Martin) to fill out my bench… Don’t forget McCoy went in the 3rd/4th, Murray went in the 4th/5th, Gordon went in the 6th/7th, and Blount was a double digit guy last season. Could’ve started Julio, Nelson and gotten every one of those guys last season. The pickins aren’t always as slim as they may appear based on rankings.