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Ted Ginn Jr. Or Kenny Britt
Am I over thinking this? Please help (Standard League)

Hmmmm, who will likely throw for more yards and TDs? Will it be Drew Brees or Kessler/Kuyser?

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Well That’s a good point, But Britt is number 1 in Cleavland unless Coleman steps up, and he had over 1000 yards last year and one more TD than Ginn, and that was in a really bad offense (arguably worse than the browns this year) so that’s why I’m conflicted

I’d take Britt, he’s the number one option without a doubt while Ginn is so inconsistent except in the drops department. Britt is the safer floor in my opinion and has shown he can be a 1000 yard receiver in a bad offense.

they will end up in the same spot, but i think britt will just get more looks than ginn. ginn will win you some games though, but then will just disappear. its britt for me. even if ginn ends up with better stats, im willing to bet most of his stats come in 4 games. where britt will get you production every week.