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This or that WR


Would you rather have Jordy or Dez in a full point redraft PPR league. These guys seem to be going around the same time and I want to know who the better value is.

Thanks guys


I’d go Jordy. I just can’t trust Dez staying healthy.


Jordy. He is on a pass first offense and has the better QB.


Jordy Nelson bro!


Not even close. Jordy.


The Ballers have Jordy at WR4 and Dez at WR9. I agree with the above comments.


I love Dez but im taking jordy in this situation. I mean Aaron Rodgers #1 receiver has tremendous value in a ppr league. In most drafts im seeing jordy go late first and im seeing dez go somewhere in the mid 2nd round.


Jordy…by a lot. Dez has risk, Jordy’s baseline is a lot higher.

Note: I have left out Jordy’s 2015 season beacuse he didn’t have one.


i dont think its as easy of a choice as everyone is saying. dez is primed for a huge bounce back season. now, my choice is still jordy dont get me wrong. i just still had to struggle a little before i got there. both have injury problems, but both have really good offenses to rely on. both are number 1 targets. but jordys floor and ceiling (barring any injuries) are so close together its kinda crazy. where dez, his floor is pretty damn low and his ceiling is just as high, if not even higher than jordy. so take your safer sure bet.


@BusterD I agree for the most part, but…

Jordy has played 3 of the last 4 seasons without missing a single game. It does feel like he is injury prone though.

Dez has a run first team with a brand new goal line dominator in Zeke, who will now be catching the ball more. More runs = more time off the clock = lower scores. He is still a great TD option, but those targets numbers are dropping.

Dez is a great option, but I believe his ceiling is Jordy’s production for the last 3 seasons he played. In addition, GB is almost guaranteed to throw on the vast majority of goal line opportunities. Jordy has more upside, higher floor, and a better track record.


Yeah but jordy did still miss a full season, and broke his ribs last year. Which did cause him to miss a game. Now im not sayin he is hugely injury prone. But at 32 with bacl to back season with injuries is a little telling. Not thst broken ribs are the worst thing in the world in sports. It’s a little petty to bring up, i just think its worth noting.

As for everything you said about dez and zeke, zeke will also open him up for big receptions. The more stable an offensive run game is the better for the receivers. Making hos ceiling higher thab jordy, for the simple reason that jordy will always be covered. They cant always cover dez because then zeke beasts all over them. So i stand by my statement. Dezs floor is way lower, but his ceiling is higher. And jordy floor and ceiling are super close. I do enjoy out little bouts we have here and there. Seems like we thinl a lot alike just with slight differences. It’s good for the mind, some sparring.


Jesus. Thst spelling was horrible. Thats what I get for typing this all out on my phone lol


Agreed, gets me prepared for the season. Besides who doesn’t like a rivalry.

I think Jordy and Dez will get the same coverage. Zeke is to Dez as Cobb/Adams are to Jordy.

No it’s cool, keep going from the phone. Kind of makes me look smarter.


Jordy for me.


The only reason I would want Dez over Jordy in dynasty is if I were looking for players to make a championship run in 1 to 2 years. The Packers are stocking up on WR in hopes of finding future replacements for Jordy(32) but the Cowboys seem fine with Dez(28) for the next few years.


Jordy. Has the best qb in football throwing to him.


I just want to point out that most of Dez’s injuries were non-contact, whilst you can’t blame Jordy for a dude driving a helmet into his back and breaking his ribs.


Jordy for me!


I’d go Jordy!


They have Cobb, Devante Adams, and Bennett. Someone has to cover them too right? packers have way more distractions from defenses to take double coverage away from Jordy. I don’t think beasly does that for Dez. Dez is a beast though.