This seems a bit excessive but you guys tell me

zeke for my Doug martin…
our playoffs start week 13. that would give me zeke in the championship in week 15 right?

I also am stacked at rb… McCoy, Hunt, Miller, McKinnon, Drake, Foreman…

I could use the bench spot for receiver depth but I am sure I could make due…

is one game that I might play in really worth a top 20 back?

With a stacked RB core like that, I would do it. You have plenty of other options you most likely start over Dougie B already.

Week 15 Cowboys play Oakland, that’s a feast for Zeke, Zeke gonna be hungry.( if his suspension even holds up!)

Hope this helps.

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Thank you good sir! What would the rest of the footclan do here?

I like the idea! its a big move for sure! I would freak if the suspension got dropped again…

Looks good to me!

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