This TNF game is disgusting

What is actually happening here…

About what I expected.

Dallas has a good defense and is at home with a lot to play for.

Cooper is doing better against Lattimore than I suspected.

I knew the game was going to be decent with all the hype around it but wow.

I didn’t expect them to be shut out in first half but I had a feeling Cowboys were going to make a game out of it.

YEP!!! Just said that NO hasn’t been shut-out in first half in 71 games!!!

WOW!!! And Dallas did it no less.


I’m sure nobody started the Dallas defense except that one guy who has them and never changes his lineup.


In my league, saints and cowboys DST both have 11 points.

It ain’t over yet y’all. NO didn’t get to 10-1 playing like this. Betting they still pull this one off!!!:wink:

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Dallas has made just enough stupid mistakes to keep them from pulling away. Nola getting breaks but not capitalizing.

Kamara being disapponting 2 thursdays in a row. Need at least a td from him. This defense is eating him alive

He hasn’t exactly had much running room. Can only make so many people miss.

Zeke is doing work for me :sunglasses:

For some reason I actually picked Dallas to win in my pick em

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Lots of missed calls this game on both sides.

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These refs need to pack it up because they can’t see anything. One of the worst officiated games I’ve watched in a while.

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I got my 25 ppr points from Zeke so I’m Gucci :sunglasses:

TY @stephen011!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? THIS GAME WAS INSANE!!! NO FLIPPING WAY all those calls didn’t get made!!!

OH yeah…this game was played in DALLAS.

Well…there ya go…Jerry Jones’s money!!!

OK. NOW it makes sense!!!:roll_eyes:

The guy im playing this week has ingram and kamara hehehehe

M.Thomas has hurt me 2 weeks in a row.

im pissed. 2 weeks in a row im most likly going to lose because of my brees, mt and kamara stack. i lost last week by 5 because of them and now they fuck me again. im considering dropping them lamo

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