This trade is tempting me

I get Joe Mixon and I trade away Darren Waller and Damien Williams. I already have TJ hockenson in my TE Slot

Tempting, but might want to wait on Mixon’s ankle status.

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I started cam, Christian McCaffrey and Mike Evans this week… probably going to lose and won’t need him this week anyways… Does that change your opinion?

I feel ya, I had Cam and CMC in one of my leagues too. But I was more meaning I would wait and see this week if Mixon jumps back in full time or if the injury gets worse and he’s out for a couple weeks (or potentially more). Because I think that is a real possibility, and then Bernard gives you just as good value as Mixon. However on paper I think this trade looks great for you, so it’s really how much risk you want to accept with Mixon’s ankle.

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Well, I went ahead and did it. Cmc my rb#1 Carson my rb#2 and joe Mixon my flex… I’d say that’s pretty decent.


Damn, yes with Carson too I’d say you can handle the risk of Mixon. Incredible RBs overall now.

Mike Evans and Keenan Allen my wrs… It’s a wrap hahaha

I would’ve did it to. Is Gio available in case you need a plan b