This Trade? Kelce for Shepard and Carson

Just got offered Sterling Shepard and Chris Carson for Kelce (I’m trading away Kelce).

RBs: Conner, Jacobs, Damien Williams
TEs: Kelce, Waller, Andrews (went deep on TE cause my WRs are average)

Should I make the trade??

I would. Carrol hates fumbles and Kelce is only gonna get more involved as the season progresses and games start to mean more.

Edit: Sorry missed that youre the one trading kelce here. Then…its a no from me dawg (hell no actually)

You are trading away Kelce? No way. He can get more value. I don’t mind shopping him, but go get more value.

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Gotta agree with SloppySteve here, seems like a rip off to only get Carson and Shepard for the new Gronk

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Thanks for the advice! This guy has a couple other RBs that seem better so I’ll counter with those.

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I wound not, Im a Seattle fan and Love Carson. Carson is on the last year of his contract and will likely be let go after this season and very few Seattle RB’s do well on there second contract.

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