This trade went though

The league commissioner is notoriously shady… am i wrong here or did he straight up rob the other owner…?

He acquires:
David Johnson and M Goodwin

for his

Njoku, stills, lynch, godwin

the commissioner definitely received the better end of the deal, but it’s not the worst trade ever. in a vacuum, I don’t think it’s an unfair trade, but it sounds like he fooled him with the quantity over quality tactic

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I mean it ultimately depends on the teams. David Johnson has gotten saved by a couple TDs, other than those he hasn’t been impressive at all (in fantasy) and Goodwin is still boom/bust, not much of an upgrade over stills (until he proves otherwise this season). The other team may have thought they needed depth. I’d say the commish won the trade, just don’t know if it’s as bad as you’re thinking

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I mean it’s not the already trade, but why do you have a commissioner that’s notoriously shady?