This was offered to me

Need some help on this one,
I’m on the fence weather I should accept or not

I get:
Godwin and penny

I give:
Greg Olsen

Wondering if I should ask for more, I have been trying to get Lamar from this team but unsure what they would take

My team:

I don’t mind the trade but who could you get at TE? Olsen is someone you can start pretty consistently.

Olsen has been consistent this season, what are the waiver te situation?

It’s not good, I have a waiver claim on hockstrap, if I don’t get him when it runs tomorrow probably going to deny this

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Yeah kind of have to. Good value back with Godwin and a chance for Penny to take the starting job in Seattle. I’m still on Carson but Penny could get it. But Not having a TE has hurt me personally the past couple of years.