This WR decision will win or lose my week....need advice

I have lots of players on bye this week. Most if them have been sorted out but I have one crucial decision left:

Allen Robinson or Zach Pascal?

This choice will likely win or lose my week as I don’t have choices on the other positions. This is it. Who do you go with to win your week?

Pascal for me…no TY and playing MIA in Indy

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Oh man this is rough. I would say Pascal only if Brissett plays, which I don’t think he will. Otherwise I think you gotta buckle up and roll Robinson. Ugh…

Miami is one of the worst teams in the league against the run and it’s a home game in Indianapolis with a backup QB; all signs point to the colts leaning heavily on Mack, which makes me feel Pascal won’t be very involved at all. Of course, the Dolphins are awful overall so it’s very possible Pascal can make something happen, but I’m not sure there will even be a need to.

Robinson had a bad game. He’s been trending down for two weeks since Nagy said he wants to run more. The lions however don’t have a run game and so they have no choice really but to throw the ball, which could force the bears to do the same. It feels bad, but I think Robinson can bounce back at home. Plus it’s a divisional match, so the lions will push the pace offensively way more than the Dolphins will.

This is a really gross question haha even as writing this I am not fully convinced, but I would go Robinson and hope the rest of my lineup is more solid.

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Thank you for that detailed answer. I really appreciate it. I was leaning Pascal but your info makes a LOT of sense, especially the part about Indy maybe not needing to throw much.

The only thing I worry about is the Bears pass D shutting down the Lions and Chi going super run heavy…also Trubisky scares the crap out of me he’s so bad…