Thomas and pieces for Zeke?

0.5 PPR League.
My RBs are:
Jay Ajayi, Dalvin Cook, Isaiah Crowell, Derrick Henry, and Ameer Abdullah
My WRs are:
Jordy Nelson, Michael Thomas, Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Hogan and Adam Theilen

Should I trade Thomas, Henry, and Hogan for Ezekiel Elliot?

Yes or no?

Thanks in advance!

You’d kinda be gutting your receiving core and if Nelson misses time you’re fucked.

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Ya I wouldn’t do that

What if it was for AB? Would that make a difference?

For me it depends if you can play 3RB/1WR line up. If you can I would do the deal for Zeke. If your league requires you to start 2 WR’s then I would not but it’s close. Zeke is that good and to possibility to combine him with Ajayi would give you an awesome set of RB’s…something that will carry your team in the late weeks/cold weather.