Thomas for Allen

I was offered Michael Thomas for my Keenan Allen and the trade is a hard call. On one hand they both play similar roles in their offenses, both scoring 5 and 6 touchdowns last year But Thomas is less injury prone and gets more receptions in my PPR league. I just need more input

I am also biased as a saints fan and don’t want to make a decision based on that so I was looking for an unbiased opinion. Thanks!

It is a wash in my opinion. They are both studs with similar roles/production. I don’t see one being significantly better than the other (barring injury) so go with preference. As a Saints fan, go Thomas.

Id take MT over KA all day


Gates just took away Red Zone looks from Allen.

But if it helps, despite my previous answer, with no bias whatsoever, I would also lean Thomas.

I like Thomas a little more than Keenan this year. And as the guys always say, Fantasy Football should be fun. And I guarantee if you have the stud WR from the team you are a fan of you will enjoy your season a lot more.

Go Thomas.