Thomas for Jacobs +?

4-5 in full PPR league - am in desperate need of a solid RB, have Carson / Henderson and a few waivers.

RB I have Thomas / DK / Diggs / Godwin

Guy that has the team below is looking for Thomas… and opening bid is Jacobs.
Is first fantasy year, Thomas def been disappointing. Should I trade away at this point?
Any suggestions for a trade rebuttal with this guy would be appreciated!
What could I get for Thomas? Should I be trying to push a different WR?

Obviously it depends on what the (+) is, but as far as trading Thomas away goes in your situation, you’ve eaten mostly a disappointing season and are considering trading him at a pretty terrible time.

He’s got a pretty good shot to take you into the playoffs (ATL twice, mmmmm) whereas Jacobs is essentially a floor guy, which while you do need, not at the expense of a player who could be WR1 for ros.

Personally, I’d be trying to sell this guy Diggs for Jacobs (if Jones is off the table otherwise I’d go hard in for him)

Diggs and Godwin both have a bye, and you record says you need all hands on deck, so one of these two are who I’m moving.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeh i’ve U-turned on any Thomas trade - however what if Jones was on the table? Is there a way to doll up diggs or godwin to make that appealing?

My roster below: