Thomas/Fournette for Diggs/Mack and a 5th rd pick?

Standard non-PPR. Three WR slots and a WR/RB/TE flex. I was offered Diggs/Mack and a 5th round pick for Michael Thomas/Fournette and a 10th round pick.

It’s a four keeper league, which is why he offered a 5th round pick. (The four keepers are Rounds 1-4 for all teams.) Would you do the trade?

On paper I think it makes sense, but in my gut it’s not as fun. I like Thomas and Fournette a lot, they’re fun to watch, and they give me a great chance to win. If I do take the trade I’d have two 5ths and two 6ths for 2020 draft, which would give me a chance to dominate. Also, Diggs has a hammy issue now, and I have always agreed with the FFBallers’ stance on hammies.