Thomas or Diggs ROS

Would you rather have Diggs or Thomas as a Josh Allen owner ROS? Thomas has battled through injury and already had his bye, likely to return this week but Brees hasn’t been playing all that well. Diggs has shown a solid connection with Allen and the stack could be deadly.

Thinking about offering Thomas for Diggs straight up but not sure if i’m crazy.


I don’t mind the trading Thomas for Diggs but I would try to get a little more. Thomas brings substantial name recognition that you should try to capitalize on that to improve another position.


yup what @jrfearr said

Don’t think the Diggs owner will budge on anything less than Thomas straight up, tried to make a deal with him last week by offering Robinson and Moore (was trying to save Thomas so could stack them together) but he countered with Diggs+Bell for Thomas+Robinson and i couldn’t bring myself to do that. So if ya’ll think that Thomas for Diggs straight up is too much then i’ll likely have to sit pat with Thomas

I personally would sit on MT. Turning down Diggs and Bell was the correct decision.

Some people like the stacks to have big weeks. If that’s your style don’t be afraid to go for it. There’s a slight drop from MT to Diggs. I see MT getting 10+ targets a week ROS

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While I agree with @jrfearr, I think MT name alone may not be enough for Diggs AND someone else.

MT has only played half-of-a-game this year (1 fantasy pt). Diggs has only 1 game under 10 pts. We still dont know how gokd Brees will be with MT on the field yet and Diggs has a great connection with Allen.

My experience in FF, the average fantasy team owner tends to have recency bias and over value their players.

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